August 7

York Furnace Series RGF19080BP12MP11 Product Specification

york furnace 07If cold air of winter season in the area where you live is not tolerable, you might need to consider purchasing furnace. Gas furnace is a device that designed to generate hot air. Moreover, it also allows you to control the humidity. Therefore, you will be able to stay in your home conveniently without having worried about cold winter. For this purpose, you can opt for furnace manufactured by York. York is always manufacturing reliable products, including furnace with the best quality. One of the products that we are going to discuss is the series of RGF19080BP12MP11.

York furnace like at of this model is designed to give you the best performance. In order to do so, the manufacturer utilizes industrial grade material. This material makes the furnace durable. Therefore, it will give the best performance for longer time. The reviews about this product always mention about its fuel efficiency. It has 95,5% AFUE rating with 80,000 BTU. As a natural gas furnace, it is equipped with several features to support its performance. The heating system features multi speed that you can adjust in four different levels. When being operated, this furnace series will not generating disturbing noise. It allows you to live comfortably without noise disturbance at all.

In addition, the dimension of this product is 17,5 by 29,5 inches with the height of 33 inch. Meanwhile, the weight of this product is 126 lbs. Since it incorporates modern and compact design, you will be able to place it almost anywhere. It also features multi position for horizontal, upflow, or downflow. It can be integrated to power grid with 110 voltages. The manufacturer provided two colors option for this series. You can select either tan or green. Moreover, it also comes with several warranties that will ensure you about its quality.

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